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Wow!!!!!  What a story you told about George. He was a very special
guy and he touched a lot of hearts the same way he touched yours. Your
letter made me cry and think of all the good times we shared together
at the old Winn/Dixie and McDonalds and Jetties.

George designed and had his friend Eaton from Sunshine Surfboards
build me my first new surfboard. It was a 6'11" Sunshine Swallow Tail
single fin. George and that new surfboard changed me forever into a
better surfer and a better person. The surfboard was so fast and cut
so easy. After George had rode my board one day he did his beast to
get me to sell it to him. he said that it was the best surfboard he
had ever designed.

Right after that George moved out west and I think it was because
Goerge, Ike Smith, Pepe Steffinalle, and my self all went to the North
Jetties for a party and ended up at the Ft. George Gold course and
someone had hotwired the golf carts and about a 100 of us rode them
all night. I lost my wallet and got arrested for all the damage done
to the golf course ( $ 200,000.00 ) and they all thought that I might
tell names but I took the whole rap myself. But George moved the
Calif., and Pepe moved the Minnasota and I went to jail. I never saw
George again until the North Jetties Reunion in 2005. But the was the
same old george and we had a good laugh about the whole thing.

I loved George as a friend and I always will. He will be greatly
missed. And yes, if there is a heaven for surfers then I know Goerge
will be there tearing up the waves and living on the beach. For he was
the "ulitmate beach surfer Dude" that we all would have liked to have
been at some point in our lives.

Lindsey, Thanks for your story about George.

Steve Newmans

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