Tuesday, February 9, 2010

North Jetty Surfers Reunion

As you should hopefully know we are having a surfers reunion this year
at the Ft. George Island Community Club on April 24. We hope you plan
on attending as this should be a very fun and interesting event ths
year. We are trying to establish a surfers Hall of Fame and right now
we are determining the criteria for nominees and, in fact, choosing
the first nominees. Jeff Gordon is heading a group making those
determinations and we would like your input. He can be reached in a
number of ways : phone: 904-699-6937, email: jag10@windstream.net, or
visit Facebook.com and post comments on the discussion board of the
group " It's All About the North Jetties ". We are working a website
and will soon have a blog associated with that site and you can
currently visit the website at www.northjettiesurfers.com. More info o
follow in another email. Thank You

Lindsey Swift