Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Will Tebow make a good NFL quarterback ?

I would like to disclose that while I am a football fan I am not a football expert to any degree. I started following the Florida Gators when Spurrier was the QB and have followed ever since. While Florida has had some good coaches I don't think any of them were creative enough to take advantage of the talent the state of Florida could provide. Some good teams but they played with the same plays as everyone else and when they had significantly more talent than the other team, they won. Then came Spurrier as the coach. He introduced a more wide-open offense, better recruiting, and more success. But I remember watching a bowl game, Sugar Bowl I think, and Florida was playing Notre Dame and I thought they had the better team. But Notre Dame beat them because Spurrier had become predicable on offense....even I knew what he was going to do and thats not good ! But I really like Urban Meyer....when Floida beat Ohio State for the BCS championship Florida's offense was the most versatile offense I have seen......no way anyone could predict what they were going to do. And that's because Tebow is so versatile and Meyer combines that talent with the other talented players to produce the kind of team Florida was always capable of having. Now if an NFL team can recognize Tebow's versatility and build team around it I don't see why they couldn't have succeess with that format. My only question is, for those who are experts : Are NFL defenses so fast that the kind of versatility Tebow can bring will be negated ?